SpaceBit Wars

SpaceBit Wars has just received a HUGE update!

Hello SpaceBit players!

You asked and we heard! The game has just received the BIGGEST update of all times!

  • A pause button was added and now you can rest! What a relief!
  • Every power up gives you 8 scores! That’s amazing!
  • Now you can turn on and off the music and sound effects! Use your free will!
  • You don’t know how to play? Not anymore, check out the ‘how to play’ option! SpaceBit Wars 101!
  • And sorry, but your military rank was demoted.. Because new Achievements arrived!
    • Five new Rank Achievements:
      • ‘Bit Sub Admiral’ for 1250 scores;
      • ‘Bit Rear Admiral’ for 1500 scores;
      • ‘Bit Vice Admiral’ for 1750 scores;
      • ‘Bit Admiral’ for 2000 scores;
      • ‘Bit Admiral of the Fleet’ for 2500 scores.
    • And four new events Achievements, but you will have to play to discover!


There is a lot of others improvements, but doesn’t matter! Let’s play!








Flappy Cat

Flappy Cat! YEAH! Another ‘flappy’ game…

Are you missing the ‘flappy’ games? Your problems are over!

It’s the ‘Flappy Cat’ the new gaming experience of Meow Game Studio!

Join The Cat in this new journey to its amazing destination!

The Cat finally got through the Lava River, but this is only the beginning of its journey!

Due to overuse in the last journey, your jetpack is unstable and any contact can cause a large explosion. Be careful when passing through the Pipes Forest, your destination is just ahead!

Play this amazing 90’s retro game and compete against your friends for the highest scores!