SpaceBit Wars

SpaceBit Wars has just received a HUGE update!

Hello SpaceBit players!

You asked and we heard! The game has just received the BIGGEST update of all times!

  • A pause button was added and now you can rest! What a relief!
  • Every power up gives you 8 scores! That’s amazing!
  • Now you can turn on and off the music and sound effects! Use your free will!
  • You don’t know how to play? Not anymore, check out the ‘how to play’ option! SpaceBit Wars 101!
  • And sorry, but your military rank was demoted.. Because new Achievements arrived!
    • Five new Rank Achievements:
      • ‘Bit Sub Admiral’ for 1250 scores;
      • ‘Bit Rear Admiral’ for 1500 scores;
      • ‘Bit Vice Admiral’ for 1750 scores;
      • ‘Bit Admiral’ for 2000 scores;
      • ‘Bit Admiral of the Fleet’ for 2500 scores.
    • And four new events Achievements, but you will have to play to discover!


There is a lot of others improvements, but doesn’t matter! Let’s play!