BBMeow grew up and now he is the Employee of the Year

Bixby Meow is a well known businesscat, his extensive corporate career causes envy in any white-collar worker… #SaidNoOneEver
With the most stressful of jobs, problems at home and tired of adult life​. Bixby is bored and while his boss (5 lives younger) is not looking, he imagines himself back to the 80s when he was known as BB, the coolest teenager in school.
Remembering his days of glory, decides to recreate the game that made him popular among the young:

BBMeow: Employee of the Year

Game Features:
– Unlock 72 Balls
– Including some legendaries, celebration, premium and unique balls
– Challenge your friends for the best Highscore
– Better than Ballz, BBTAN and similar together
– Endless, challenging and addictive gameplay
– Feel the pleasure from the ball collision
– Simple to operate, one finger control
– Over 10 power ups to assist you
– Relaxing, fun and free to play
– The most attractive character
– Perfect time killer, ready to play anywhere!

How to play:
– Swipe your finger down to throw balls and break bricks!
– Collect more balls to make an endless ball chain!
– Durability will be increased after each round!
– Use power ups and special balls to assist you!
– Angle is not everything but it’s 100%!
– The game ends when the bricks hit the bottom.

Are you bored too? Enjoy and play while your boss is not looking!









Meet BBMeow, the 80’s is back!

Meet BB, the craziest cat that the 80’s could create!

Its insatiable taste for arcades led him to create his own game:


Swipe your finger down and prepare your sights to throw balls and break bricks before they reach you. The angle isn’t everything, but is 100%! Unlock 40 balls, including 8 legendary balls! A simple but addictive game.

How long can you survive on the BBMeow?

Share your screenshots online such as Facebook or Instagram using hashtag #bbmeow.
Enjoy BBMeow while you commute, on a date, in the bus or subway, waiting at the bank and so on.

Anytime, anywhere you can play BBMeow!!!!








Flappy Cat

Flappy Cat! YEAH! Another ‘flappy’ game…

Are you missing the ‘flappy’ games? Your problems are over!

It’s the ‘Flappy Cat’ the new gaming experience of Meow Game Studio!

Join The Cat in this new journey to its amazing destination!

The Cat finally got through the Lava River, but this is only the beginning of its journey!

Due to overuse in the last journey, your jetpack is unstable and any contact can cause a large explosion. Be careful when passing through the Pipes Forest, your destination is just ahead!

Play this amazing 90’s retro game and compete against your friends for the highest scores!








Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year


Happy New Year!
2016 will be an excellent year for you beloved players!

SpaceBit Wars:





Jumper Cat:






Jumper Cat

Jumper Cat appears!

Jumper Cat, our new game, was just released for Android. Download it and helps The Cat to get its destination.








SpaceBit Wars

SpaceBit Wars released!

We proudly announce the release of our first game: SpaceBit Wars a 8-bit retro shoot ’em up game.